Monday—Friday 11:00AM to 2:00PM

Rain or Shine—Our large covered patio and inside serving area provides shelter from hot sun and rain. Even on hot days there is a cool breeze at the Lunchdock. Enjoy a mid-day break in a unique outdoor venue.


975 E. Tallmadge Ave. Akron, OH 44310 (in the former Graybar Electric building)


A Totally Great Idea!

Dine-in:  and enjoy the live entertainment

Carryout: grab some quick to-go lunches for you and your co-workers

This fun concept caters to those who work regularly in the Akron North Hill area or it’s their lucky day and just happen to be here during lunch hours. Forget that boring unhealthy fast food, dine-in with us and enjoy wonderfull food!. If you are on a tight schedule you can be in and out within minutes. It’s ready to serve and just waiting for you.

Check our website for the ever changing lunch menu or simply sign up for a weekly menu listing to be emailed.

Live from the Lunchdock…

…it’s daily entertainment!  Guitarists, singers, accordion players, keyboardists, jugglers, and more.  Everyday there is something to put you in a great mood.  The sound system is great, the talent is live (not always good but alive) Join us by yourself to eat and listen in bring your  co-workers–our lunchtime crowd is friendly and welcomes you.


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The Lunchdock Story

The Lunchdock is operated by Lunchdock,Ltd and located at the headquarters of SeniorTV– America’s largest alternate cable TV provider of satellite/cable TV to nursing homes, assisted living and retirement living. The company also offers digital signage and business television solutions locally and throughout the USA. The SeniorTV building  was formerly a distribution center for Graybar Electric and had a huge covered loading dock which SeniorTV did not require. With a little paint, concrete repairs and a new railing system the Lunchdock was born. What was once a neglected building is now a showplace of the neighborhood. The Lunchdock provides both SeniorTV employees and the nearby general public an amazing place to eat lunch. We are working with various food providers and entertainers to bring you a great mid-day experience. If you can recommend worthy participants, please direct them to this website and contact us.